Sunday, November 05, 2017

Conference action - from Soft-Shake in Geneva to Devoxx in Antwerp

Fall is a busy conference period and parallel to our team's ambitious WildFly and JBoss EAP release goals I always try to squeeze in a few days into my schedule for opensource advocation and meeting with our communities.

So the week before I've had the pleasure of presenting on WildFly Swarm at Soft-Shake'17 in Geneva. It's a short 1.5h ride with the train from Neuch√Ętel so it feels pretty much local: you can get there, present and be back for dinner. And it's also very much francophone, although, they do accept talks in English.

If you don't know about WildFly Swarm, our sister project to WildFly, I suggest you check it out. Especially if you come from the Java EE direction, WildFly Swarm facilitates the transition to developing Microservices and Cloud Native applications. It also implements the Eclipse Microprofile specification.

The latest published spec for Microprofile is version 1.2 and you can get a very nice introduction about what it includes here.  If you want to try out Microprofile v1.2 on Wildfly Swarm check out this Tech Preview.

Now within less than 12 hours I should be on my way to the annual pilgrimage.

  • If you are around on Monday evening, come over to the WildFly Community BOF at 20:30. It's been an exciting year for Java EE, with the release of Java EE 8 and the announcement of the move of Java EE to the Eclipse foundation under the Eclipse Enterprise for Java project (EE4J). Coupled with the fast paced Microprofile releases and the Microprofile effort also moving to Eclipse, and we have a very different landscape carved up for Java EE going forward. So do come to this BOF to discuss the latest developments and how they are affecting the WildFly community projects. I will be co-hosting this with Edson Yanaga, Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat who also has a deep-dive session in the morning.
  • Then on Thursday evening I am participating at the Opening Up of Java EE panel discussion (room 6, 17:50) hosted by David Delabassee alongside distinguished members of the Java EE community, Mike Croft, Ivar Grimstad, Martijn Verburg and Steve Poole. If you are interested in the future of Java EE and it's re-incarnation as a completely open Eclipse project, this is the place to be.
See you all very soon at Devoxx in Antwerp!


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