Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Let's meet at the Red Hat Forum 2018 in Zurich!

September 11th is a difficult date to forget, however, this time for a good reason: it's the day the Red Hat Forum 2018 will take place at the Arena Cinemas in Zurich. For those that have attended the RH Forum in previous years you already know it's the place to be and it's just getting better every year. For those that haven't been there, I suggest you take a look at the Agenda.

It's a full day event with keynotes and panel sessions happening before lunch. This year we are lucky to have Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's President & CEO keynoting on Digital Transformation and how Red Hat's open culture can help you perform this journey. There are other very interesting sessions (many in English!) with leading customers and partners sharing their experiences, including Swisscom, Accenture, SBB, SAP and Microsoft (with whom we are best friends now!), as well as Kiki wearing something red and helping our Country Manager LĂ©onard Bodmer run the show. :)

In the afternoon we split into four parallel tracks with case studies and technical presentations taking place in the cinema rooms. There are very interesting topics presented from customers and partners and I suggest you first take a look at them, but if you are more into tech stuff you may just as well join as at the Red Hat Technology Deep Dive Track that--with the help of Thomas Heute--we've organized this year, as follow:

  1.  Pavol Loffay, speaking on very practical aspects of "Observability with Istio Mess".

    In this presentation we will walk you through telemetry integration in Istio service mesh. You will learn how observability pillars like metrics and traces are nicely provided by the mesh and in addition to that how services themselves can enrich this information. We will be demoing Kiali, Prometheus and Jaeger on an OpenShift environment.
  2.  Yours Truly, on the future of Enterprise Java - "Java EE is Dead! Long Live Jakarta EE!"

    Last's year events were cataclysmic for Enterprise Java: Java EE 8 was released, the MicroProfile project produced 2 releases and 7 new microservices focused APIs, and both of them moved over to the Eclipse Foundation with Oracle choosing to open source everything! What has happened? Jakarta EE, the successor to Java EE, is alive and kicking and aims at aligning Enterprise Java to the fast pacing reality of a brave new Cloud Native world. Why this is important to you and what you can do about it? Come to this session to find out.
  3. Michael Vorburger & Erik Jan de Wit on a super fun joint presentation showcasing a way of "Teaching Programming using Minecraft on OpenShift".

    Computers used to be these "magical tinkering machines" when we were younger. Today, the challenge is to get children excited about learning programming by reducing the time to set up and get started right away in a gamified environment they already love - like Minecraft! We'll show you how with Kubernetes, OpenShift and Minecraft we can progressively do just - at first using our ScratchX extension to get started with graphical programming, and then with a push of a button go to a full development environment set up to start learning and teaching programming. We'll set up an Eclipse Che IDE with continuous builds of the modifications, and a Minecraft server with our OSGi extension that hot reload changes. All code used in the demo of this project is open source and available to anyone.
All fours presenters are based out of Switzerland, are deeply involved with Red Hat product development and would gladly meet with you (and the Geek inside you) at the technical track or the Red Hat booth, to talk about the projects/products we are working on and just about anything Open Source. We would also be very interested to listen to your concerns and experiences with them, as well as hear about any interesting projects you are working on.

We are just one week before the event so if you haven't already registered to attend the Red Hat Forum (which I should mention is free, as in beer, thanks to our beloved Partners), I suggest you do so ASAP and register now - there might still be some available slots, so hurry up!

See you in Zurich!


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