Friday, July 01, 2011

JBoss AS 7.0 CR1 released

So after long-long hours and busy weekends put into this project by the fantastic JBoss AS team, JBoss AS 7.0 CR1 is a reality. It was released by Jason on June 29th and you can get it straight away from the downloads page.

JBoss AS 7.0 is build around the Java EE 6 Web Profile, with some additions like JCA and JAX-RS. There will be a hopefully short period of time for polishing and doc writing between now and AS 7.0 Final, and your help is definitely needed to test drive it and report back any issues. For those wondering, a future AS 7.1 release will be targeting Full EE 6 Profile compliance.

Now, if something stands out immediately out of AS7 is the insane boot time achieved (among others) through a highly concurrent architecture. (Sorry guys, no more excuses for coffee breaks.) If you want to tell us how fast is yours, do it here.

Some links to get you started: AS 7 Documentation

Blog entries on AS7
You can find out tweets using the #jbossas7 hashtag.
You can get help in the AS7 User Forum.
You can report problems in the AS7 JIRA.

Again, the best way to get started is to download JBoss AS 7.0 CR1 and try it out.

The future is now, enjoy it!


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javapapo said...

well done! Downloading as we speak - and giving it a try!