Tuesday, October 23, 2007

JBossAS 4.2.2.GA released!

The second bug fixing release of the JBoss Application Server v4.2 series is available for download. Before rushing to sourceforge, please take a look at the detailed release notes.

Except for the bug fixes, minor feature additions and backwards compatible component updates, one of the biggest changes with this release is the upgrade of the JBoss Web Services component targeting a considerably improved support of JAX-WS. Some minor compatibility issues are documented in the release notes.

There are also many JBoss EJB3 bug fixes that are tracked in their own project. The associated JIRA release notes can be found here. Some important fixes were driven in particular by the JBoss Seam project.

The component dependencies of AS 4.2.2.GA are well aligned with JBoss Messaging 1.4.0.GA, in case you want to use that as the JMS provider, but you have to download it seperately. A JEMS installer release that bundles AS 4.2.2.GA and the latest JBoss Messaging and JBoss Portal versions will be released within the next couple of weeks.

Updated community documents for AS 4.2.x are also on the way. If you want to help with the reviewing effort, please follow up on the jboss-development mailing list.

I would like to thank everyone that made this release possible. Your input about the new release is, as always, very much welcome in the JBoss Forums.

Now, onwards to JBoss 5!


Dimitris Andreadis
AS Project Lead


Unknown said...

My company is about to change our development platform (that runs over jboss 4.0.3SP1) to make it run under 4.2, mainly for the improved WS speed (we're using Axis 1 ATM). However, depending on how far off jboss 5 is from official release, we may go the whole hog to that one... Is there a ballpark date for Jboss 5 already?

Dimitris Andreadis said...

From a developer that sticks to the standards point-of-view 4.2.x won't be much different than 5.0.x. So you can start with 4.2.x. A 5.0.x GA should be expected in Q1/08.

Valentijn Scholten (ISAAC) said...

Nice to see the webservices component updated. Will the 4.2.2GA be supported soon? At the moment only 4.2.0GA is supported.

Dimitris Andreadis said...

I suppose you are talking about the supported Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), right?

EAP 4.2 is very close to AS 4.2.1.

An EAP 4.3 is being created to include the new webservices 2.0 and the new JBoss Messaging, as the default JMS provider.

Jeremy Norris said...

Any ETA on the JEMS installer that bundles JBoss Messaging?

Dimitris Andreadis said...

The installer is blocked on JBoss Portal 2.6.3.GA, because it solves a portal bug on AS 4.2.2.GA.

I'll push a little more to get things moving.