Thursday, April 15, 2010

JUDCon 2010

Mark announced last month the inauguration of JUDCon, the new JBoss Users & Developers Conference that takes place in Boston in June, aimed at bringing back JBoss to its developer-centric roots.

The new developer conference happens just before JBossWorld (so you have a good excuse to attend both!), and ever better, it's free (as in beer)! I'm really excited to see the start of this new event series, away from marketing talk and fluff that gives the opportunity to developers to come together and present highly technical stuff.

Which brings me to my talk, which is really the only *non technical* presentation you'll find in the schedule, that nevertheless deals with a subject of interest to many of you out there, i.e. "Becoming a (successful) Open Source Developer", based on the true stories and experiences of many fellow JBossians.

See you in Boston!



Dan Dan said...

I can't go to Boston, but topic "Becoming a (successful) Open Source Developer" sound realy interesting. Could you share you speak?

Dimitris Andreadis said...

@Dan Dan

Sure, I'll make it public after the presentation!

dhartford said...

Hi Dimitris,
For the JUDCon session "Becoming an Open Source Developer", would you be able to help corporate developers with example corporate policies to expedite/make it easier to support open source contributions?

Most corporations have some type of standard policy that "All code written during employment is the ownership of *corporation*.", which really blocks sharing of code without a separate policy to override the ownership problem for open source contributions, and maybe also share common strategies in those policies (i.e. contribution is done as an individual without affiliation to *corporation* and the *corporation* accepts no liabilities).