Monday, November 12, 2018

Jakarta EE action at Devoxx Belgium 2018

Devoxx Belgium 2018, my favorite Java (& more) conference in Europe is just around the corner with the Deep Dive sessions starting tomorrow (Nov/12th-13th), followed by the three main conference days (Nov/14th-16th).

I thought I should write a quick note to point out that there is a lot of Jakarta EE action happening with eight Jakarta EE sessions you can easily query for here, or let me save you a click and paste directly the results below:

JakartaEE - The New Home of Cloud Native Java by Ivar Grimstad, Dimitris Andreadis , Dmitry Kornilov, Gaël Blondelle, Kevin Sutter, Markus Eisele, Ondro Mihályi (Conference)
From Java EE to Jakarta EE by Dmitry Kornilov (Quickie)

The Jakarta EE Community BOF by Dimitris Andreadis, Ivar Grimstad , Dmitry Kornilov, Kevin Sutter (BOF)

Implementing Microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile by Ivar Grimstad, Kevin Sutter (Deep Dive)

Speed Dating with Jakarta EE by Kevin Sutter (Ignite)

Jakarta EE: The Future of Cloud Native Java is Open! by Gaël Blondelle (Conference)

Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Or Maybe All Of Them? by Sebastian Daschner (Conference)

Jakarta EE / MicroProfile + WebStandards, On Stage Hacking #noslides by Adam Bien (Conference)

I am happy to be participating in two of those sessions:
  • The Jakarta EE Community BOF, on Wednesday evening at 20:00. An informal Jakarta EE community gathering of like minded developers, specification leads and Jakarta EE representatives from different companies. Please note that the event will be relocated(!) from the BOF 2 room to Kelly's Irish Pub downtown Antwerp, meaning we are turning the BOF into a mini symposium with free drinks to accompany great discussions! We will be tweeting details for registering for the event, so stay tuned and look for those tweets from @dandreadis, @ivar_grimstad , @m0mus, @kwsutter.
  • JakartaEE - The New Home of Cloud Native Java, on Friday at 11:40, a panel discussion on the present and future of Jakarta EE coordinated by Gaël Blondelle from the Eclipse Foundation, and representatives from Cybercom, Red Hat, Oracle, IBM, Payara & Lightbend.
 There are also other fellow Red Hatter presenting, so check out their sessions or meet us at the Red Hat booth:
The fun is about to start - see you very soon at Devoxx Belgium!


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