Sunday, January 31, 2016

The wait is over: WildFly v10 Final released! suppose this is the question most often asked from any open source project out there:
"When is the next X.Y.Z release coming out?"
Developers are eager to get their hands onto the latest and greatest not only to check out the new features but also to receive important fixes. And while most projects follow a rough roadmap, you'll find that upon reaching important milestones like major final releases where timeboxing and feature dropping is not really an option, then quality becomes the driving force.

So rather than coming up with something half-baked, we'll do whatever it takes to bring to you working and performant software, even if that means we have to delay the release by a couple of months in order to fix an additional 200+ bugs going from Candidate Release 4 (CR4) to Final. Some project managers might not like this, but most developers that will get their hands dirty using our software will certainly appreciate it. :-)

So WildFly 10 was released last Friday, January 29th and for the release itself I will simply link to the comprehensive release announcement. For the lazy ones I can list the key features here:
  • Java EE7 compliance, full and web profile.
  • Java 7 support discontinued, please use Java 8+.
  • JMS services provided by ActiveMQ Artemis, a merger of HornetQ with Active MQ.
  • Ability to edit domain configurations offline, using the CLI.
  • Javascript support in Undertow with hot reloading of JS files.
  • Highly Available (HA) Singleton deployments, and HA-Message Driven Beans are back.
  • Message Driven Beans can be controlled as a unit in delivery groups.
  • Advanced automatic sizing pooling options for SLSBs and MDBs.
  • Hibernate 5 is included bringing a host of improvements.
  • Powershell scripts now available for the MS Windows crowd.
  • Migration operations to help migrate configuration from replaced subsystems (JBossWeb, HornetQ, JacORB)
  • ...
  • and a lot of other stuff, including all the cool features from WF8 & WF9.
Completing any major WildFly release is never a small feat, so I'd like to congratulate the WildFly development team and Jason Greene for leading it for the past 7 years(!), as well as extend a big Thank You to the large number of related projects (WildFly bundles more than 200 different components) and the WildFly community as a whole, for their support and dedication.

As the engineering manager of the team, I wish I could just send everyone on a much needed holiday at this point :-). However we need to focus our efforts on another major task, the completion and release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 GA(or else JBoss EAP), our long term commercially supported offering, based off of WildFly 8+9+10. For those interested, existing and prospective customers, a Beta for EAP7 has already been out for a few weeks now.

Enough said, download WildFly 10 now and tell us what you think. You may also find a docker image here and there is always the option of trying out WildFly on OpenShift.


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