Saturday, October 31, 2015

WildFly activity in Geneva

Geneva  is a global city, a financial and worldwide center for diplomacy. There are numerous international organizations based there, including the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is also the place where the Geneva Conventions were signed, for the treatment of wartime non-combatants and prisoners of war.

Geneva has also an active Java developer scene and is not too far from Neuch√Ętel, so I'd thought that in between release madness I should really be spending some time there spreading the word on WildFly and meeting with developers to talk about the nice things we've being working on.

And it it all started in September with a presentation at CERN on the evolution of the JBoss Application Server into WildFly. It is pretty interesting how an opensource project, the JBoss Application server founded in 1999 has managed to survive and thrive in an ever changing environment, helping developers focus on their real business problems, be productive and stop re-inventing the wheel.

The preparation for that talk had started a couple of month before after an invitation I've had received from Felix Ehm at CERN, who was one of the keynote speakers at the last DevNation in Boston. They are doing pretty cool things at CERN and they are using a lot of opensource software. If you want to learn more about that you may watch the recording from Felix's keynote speech here.

Of course, as a visitor you get a tour to some of the CERN installations which is a reason on its to own to be there, anyway, so a big thanks to both Felix Ehm and Miguel Marquina for the invitations and the hospitality.

Then last week, I've participated at Soft-Shake '15 Geneva  with a State of the Union talk on WildFly. I need to point out that WildFly 10 CR4 was released last week, and we are approaching a very important milestone, the release of WildFly 10 Final some time very soon, so I'd though I would give an overview of what you get with the latest release, which is more or less a full Java EE7 certified server with a ton of features culminated over the WF 8, 9 &10 releases, built on top on the innovative architecture introduced by AS7.

See you at Devoxx.BE next at the WildFly Community BOF!


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