Monday, September 29, 2014

New books from the WildFly/EAP team

I came to believe that building infrastructure software and tools for developers is the biggest challenge for a programmer (second only to actually inventing your own programming language), exactly because your end users are not normal people but other fellow developers: intelligent geeks that are very hard to impress.

And whereas in the old days tools development was kept, to a large extend proprietary, the larger percentage of languages, tools and framework are developed nowadays in the opensource, meaning your code is out there in the open to be scrutinized. Writing bad code is less easy when hundreds of eyes are watching you and your reputation is on the line.

There is one undeniable benefit, though, in working on the development of opensource projects like the WildFly application server and it's derivative RedHat JBoss EAP: it is quite possible you will become an expert in the implementation of a set of standards (Java EE or otherwise), or a technology area or a framework that interests many others.

Combine that with a knack for explaining how things work and expressing yourself clearly in written form and what you get is an excellent book writing opportunity. An opportunity that members of the WildFly/EAP will occasionally grab.

So without further ado, I'm happy to throw a plug for two books that came out recently from WildFly/EAP team members.

Mobile and Web Messaging, by Jeff Mesnil
Advanced JAX-WS Web Services, by Alessio Soldano.



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