Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Devoxx 11 recap

This year's Devoxx must have been my 4th in a row and I must admit it is my favorite European Java Conference.

We had quite a few related JBoss talks (in general) and JBoss AS related talks (in particular) as I had posted before the event.

On the 2nd day of Devoxx, myself  and Kabir Khan together we organized the JBoss AS 7 Community BOF in which we hosted a panel of fellow JBossians (Carlo De Wolf, Andrew Lee Rubinger, Dan Allen, Pete Muir, Aslak Knutsen, Lincon Baxter III & Max Andersen) that represented a good mix of the various technology groups within JBoss, from Core AS and Testability (Arquillian/Shrinkwrap), to Grid (Infinispan), Tools integration, and more.

After a quick introduction on the features that make JBoss AS7 unique, we followed up with a panel discussion while trying to answer questions from the audience. BOFs are a great way to receive input and exchange ideas (and gripes) with the community, so I would like to thank everyone that participated; your suggestions are taken very seriously and they are often used to change our priorities and shape our roadmaps. The interest remained really high and we kept going until we started eating time from the following OpenJDK BOFs (sorry guys!) at which point we were basically kicked out :)

The following day, Andrew and Dan gave a smashing presentation on the 7 Reasons to Love JBoss AS 7. The (huge) room was completely packed, a clear evidence of the interest that has built up around JBoss AS7. The presentation should be coming online at soon, so check it out there in case you've missed it.

It is clear that people are migrating to AS7 in increasing numbers, a trend that will only accelerate with the coming of JBoss 7.1 that targets full Java EE6 compliance. And talking about JBoss AS, 7.1.0.Beta1 went out TODAY so Get It Now!

On the 4th day of the event, Pete gave a very interesting presentation on using JBoss AS7 on OpenShift, Red Hat's PaaS offering. The Cloud is here to stay and OpenShift presents a pragmatic approach to deploying your application on the cloud, right now, on the way to Java EE7. If anything, OpenShift Express is totally free so there is zero-risk for anyone that wants to wet his/her feet with Cloud development.

And exactly because AS7 is Super Fast and Lightweight, it provides an excellent runtime for cloud deployments!


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