Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keep 'em coming - AS6 M3 released!

And yet another JBoss AS 6 Milestone release-the 3rd in the series-went out last week, bringing us closer to implementing the Java EE 6 spec. Jason blogged about it here.

As you can see in the Release Notes, the latest milestone introduces new features in the EJB 3.1 area (e.g. Singletons with Container managed concurrency) and other underlying changes that are less obvious (like the new VFS and Remoting implementations).

Just by looking at the available configurations you'll notice the 'jbossweb-standalone' profile, our lightweight JBoss Web server (or tomcat on steroids as we call it), along with a new 'osgi' profile that integrates the JBoss OSGi framework along with a number of services that let's you directly deploy your own bundles.

However, the most prominent change is the replacement of the JMS provider with the ultra-cool and super-fast HornetQ. This alone should make it interesting enough for you to download JBossAS 6 M3, try it out and provide us with valuable feedback for any issues you may have.


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