Thursday, December 03, 2009


It's always around this time of the year, usually before xMas, that I make a donation to Wikipedia, as an minimal token of gratitude for a fantastic service.

I'm truly amazed by the wealth of knowledge you can find there, from the origins of PacMan to ancient history to financial matters or other marvels of technology :-)

I could remember myself as a kid, thirsty for knowledge, browsing through my parents encyclopedia in a serial fashion. I must have done this dozens of times.

And now it's so easy to jump from subject to subject, focus in and out, get the big picture, delve into details, fill in the gaps in your understanding of complex issues, get explanations to matters that nobody could bother explain to you before. In many ways Wikipedia makes me feel like a kid again.

Then, you get to read many sides of the same story, which is particularly important when you have to deal with sensitive subjects like Politics and the fact that nations have more or less nurtured their people to a particular version of a story. This could come as a surprise to some and I truly encourage everyone to make his homework first before expressing strong opinions.

As long as Wikipedia stays unbiased and independent, it will remain an indispensable source of information and knowledge. I encourage everyone to help keep it alive!



Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Wikipedia is truly an invaluable resource. Even though you can never 100% trust what is on there, chances are most of what you read is true. I can't even remember how many time's I have used it as a college student (even though the prompts always prohibit doing so, I still use it).

Hopefully university pays off and I get a well paid job upon graduation. I plan on donating a large sum of money as a token of gratitude.

Keep up the good writing.