Wednesday, December 02, 2009

JBoss Clustering Technologies

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to present JBoss Clustering technologies (JBossAS/JGroups/Infinispan) to a good number of computer science students at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, right after a presentation from Xenofon Papadopoulos on the subject of experiences from OLPC deployments.

The main points of my talk:
  • The need for clustering and high availability
  • What clustering means inside the application server
  • The layered approach to implementing the clustering facilities
  • JGroups as the base infrastructure for reliable multicasting
  • Caches, Data Grids, Clouds and Infinispan
The advent of virtualization and cloud computing present an exciting field for clustering and data grid technologies. This should be particularly interesting to computer science students who can learn or help shape the future by using or contributing to popular opensource projects.

A big thanks to Prof. Ifigeneia Founta for hosting the talk.



Unknown said...

Παρόλο που ηθελα πολυ να ερθω,δυστυχως κατι μου ετυχε και δεν μπορεσα.Πως θα μπορουσα να παρω την παρουσιαση?Εχετε καποιο mail επικοινωνιας?

Dimitris Andreadis said...

@Philip, I've asked them to post the .pdf to the department website. In any case, you can get it from here:

Unknown said...

OK.Thanks.Great work.

Unknown said...
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Dimitris Andreadis said...

Στείλε ένα email στον Γιώργο τον Μελετίου να σου τα στείλει ή να τα ανεβάσει στο intranet της σχολής...