Friday, December 05, 2008

JBossAS 5.0.0.GA released!!!

As I've written in the release notes:

This is the final release of the JBoss 5.0 series for the Java EE™5 codebase that fully complies with the Java EE 5 conformance testing certification requirements. It brings us to the end of a 3+ year marathon of redesigning the most popular open-source application server over a completely new kernel architecture, the JBoss Microcontainer. It also marks the beginning of a new era of innovation for JBoss as we will be exploring the capabilities and limitations of the new architecture in the releases to come. In our view, JBossAS 5 provides a healthy foundation and the most advanced and fully extensible, cross component model, aspect integration, server runtime environment

You can download it here.

Enjoy the new AS5!



Rich Taylor said...

Congratulations, this is great news for us and many others in the Enterprise Java community.

jeremyrdavis said...


I haven't had a chance to try any of the 5 releases yet. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Amrinder said...

Big congratulations!

We have been trying to get it to work, with no such luck. There seem to be many functional issues, that we find have been "postponed", and documentation is very scarce. I have been trying to post some problems and workarounds in my blog, but have not found workarounds to all problems yet. We will give it another shot when 5.0.2 is released.

Nevertheless, we recognize that this is a community effort, so credit to you that this is done now, and we hope for further releases in 2009.