Sunday, October 17, 2010

jhug is alive!

Things have been quiet with the the Java (Hellenic) User Group for some time now, but there is light in the horizon with monthly meetings resuming at a new convenient location right next to the metro station of Nea Ionia, the offices of, a strong advocate of opensource technologies.

Last meeting took place on Sat Oct/16th with a couple of interesting short talks and a decent attendance of ~25. Kostis Kapelonis talked about his Java Packaging gripes, Yiannis Koutros presented a case-study on the adoption of opensource by a Greek bank, and yours truly had yet another chance to talk about Developers & Opensource.

The atmosphere was really informal and especially towards the end everyone jumped into the discussion, so I'm optimistic we are going to see more participation and interesting talks in the meetings to come.

I think opensource adoption in Greece has reaching the tipping point where suddenly it will be totally uncool not to do it, or admit you do no have some form of strategy for incorporating it in your business.

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*Nice write-up of the meeting by Paris, here.

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