Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4th OpenSource Developer's conference in Athens

The 4th OpenSource Developer's Conference takes place on June 19th & 20th in Athens.

Last year my participation was JBoss AS centric, with a presentation and a workshop about the most popular OpenSource Application Server.

This year, however, I am taking a different approach. I'm not going to get into project or technical details. I'm going to talk about something that should be interesting to everyone that wants to succeed in the OpenSource field.

I'm going to talk about What it takes to be an OpenSource Developer.

I must say I've really enjoyed preparing this presentation. Being a member of JBoss for the last 5 years I am lucky enough to have worked together with some extremely talented and successful opensource developers. I've asked directly many of them about the secrets of their success but I've also tried to study the personalities and understand what makes those people different, what are the qualities of an OpenSource developer?

I've distilled this collective experience in the OpenSource Developer's Mantra.

To hear all about this, be there at 11:00am sharp for the very first presentation on Saturday June/20th. I guarantee it's going to be fun. (Actually, do come a bit early to get a seat; I hear the number of registrations is impressive!)

And if you stick around for the rest of the day, at 5:00pm join our discussion on Open Source Business Models. There will be an interesting panel of people sharing their experiences about the business aspects of OpenSource.

I'm expecting this year's opensource developer's conference to be great, as the number of people involved and the interest around opensource increases. If you want to chat about Java/JBoss/OpenSource/Development come and find me between sessions, I'll be wearing my Red Hat t-shirt.

See you there!

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