Thursday, June 05, 2008

Railo joins!

I suppose you have seen many times fancy websites with URLs ending in .cfm? .cfm stands for Cold Fusion Markup Language and is the language originally used to write application for the Adobe Cold Fusion appserver.

After the opening of the CFML language alternative server environments where created to host CFML application, with Railo being one of them (and the fastest, I hear).

Just today Sacha announced on his blog that Railo will be another member of the growing community!

What does this mean? That soon you will have a full open source stack to run your CFML applications: Railo, on top of JBossAS! At the same time, we'll make an effort to provide CFML applications with access to JBoss services, like caching, clustering, messaging.

Those are really exciting news! Stay tuned...

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