Wednesday, April 05, 2006

As they say, "our childhood is our only home".

My mother comes from a lovely little town in Greece called Galaxidi, not very far from the ancient Oracle of Delphi. This is were I spent most of my holidays as a child, and this is still my favorite summer (and winter) retreat.

The place has a very long history that dates back to 1393 BC (yap, this is BC). The general area was originally known as Locris , home of an ancient Hellenic tribe called Locrians (Λοκροί). To be more precise those where the southwest Ozolian Locrians that at some point in time formed one of the earliest Greek colonies in southern Italy called Locri.

Galaxidi was possibly a cultural or religious center of those times, and you can still see in a large rock by the harbor carvings that are supposed to signify the location of the tomb of Locros (or at least this is what the locals say :) The exact same spot was used as our "home" base, when we used to stage fights between opposing teams as kids (got some very nice bruises as well :)

It is not really a touristy place, and a bit off the beaten track. It's a 2.5 -3 hours drive from Athens so it is quite popular among Greeks, especially for weekend outings. There are also a few foreigners that decided this is the place to retire, like the stones.

Who knows, if I'm lucky, maybe I get to retire there, too!

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