Friday, January 28, 2011

Screwed up Alt-Tab on Windoze 7

It's the syndrome of the "new" guys thinking they can do better by changing things that have been working for ever.

Like the completely screwed up order of switching between applications using Alt-Tab on Windows 7.

Launch regedit and add this DWORD to get your sanity back:


Hats off to Yancy's blog.



javapapo said...

its sad you are forced to use Windows 7..and mess with the all might registry?...not good not good!;)

Dimitris Andreadis said...


that's just the host for my fedora guest installation, still annoying...

Yannick Cornet said...

Thanks so much for that, it was indeed driving me crazy, particularly since the preview of most windows is for some great reason not working. Wtf microsoft. So 90s..